Are You Considering Starting or Expanding a Business in 2018?

It's the beginning of a new year and oftentimes it also serves as the moment when business ideas take shape and form into business entities. It can seem overwhelming for even the most "business savvy" individuals. There are various local, city, county, state, and federal guidelines that you must comply with before and after launching … Continue reading Are You Considering Starting or Expanding a Business in 2018?

Management Lessons From The Weinstein Scandal

Believe it or not "Yes People" are just as toxic to your career, your business, and your personal life as people who blatantly set out to sabotage you. They feed your ego knowing that one day everything may come crashing down, and they will swear that their hands are "clean" because they didn't do anything to cause your crash. But guess what? They didn't do anything to prevent it.

What’s Missing From Your Business?

You work five to six days a week and your cell phone and email have become an extension of you. Your weekends seem shorter and you're secretly envious of your social media friends and their vacation and staycation posts, workplace fun pics, and other exciting news that they regularly share. You're focused on the daily … Continue reading What’s Missing From Your Business?

Would You Take a Course to Learn How to Be…

The Foreman & Associates team needs your help. With the Internet being flooded by a sea of "experts" and "coaches" who all say that they can teach you how to be a better manager, leader, entrepreneur, or professional, we want to know what you think. We wonder what you prefer when it comes to professional coaching … Continue reading Would You Take a Course to Learn How to Be…

Does Your Company Truly Value It’s Greatest Asset?

At Foreman & Associates, our team has seen some of the most bizarre as well as some pretty amazing things in our line of work. As observers looking inside of other companies, we have noticed that organizations of every size need to stay focused on taking care of their stakeholders and making sure that every team … Continue reading Does Your Company Truly Value It’s Greatest Asset?

Good Managers Vs. The Rest

Gallup published a report "State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders", that provides an in-depth look at what distinguishes great managers from the rest. What follows are some of the report's key findings on talent, greatest impact on employee engagement, specific behaviors tied to engagement, female -vs- male managers, and what companies … Continue reading Good Managers Vs. The Rest