About Us

Foreman & Associates, LLC is a business management and support firm based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. We are supported by three divisions: Management Consulting , Coaching and Training, and Business Support Services.

We offer an array of services to businesses who strive for success and excellence through the 3 E’s: Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Efficacy; and who measure success through results not just reports.

Our focus is to assist organizations regardless of size or sales volume with the proper counsel, direction, strategy and tactical planning as they work towards building, revitalizing or restructuring their organization. Offering assistance with an organization’s operations, management, team support, and training is our way of making sure that your company’s needs are considered and met regardless if you have been in business one year or fifty years.

Basically, we help your leadership team make the big decisions about strategy, operations, and your organization. It of course may be better said by one of our clients:

​”Unlike many other consulting firms, Foreman & Associates, is focused on simultaneously teaching and helping to get the work done, not just handing back a report that tells us what we need to do, or worse, coming in disrupting things without helping us through the process. Foreman & Associates showed us how we got in our situation, how to get out of it, and how to stay out. They are extremely hands on and follow-up post-project.

Foreman & Associates sees business like a puzzle or game of chess. If the pieces are not strategically placed the “picture” or “game” is not complete. If a business makes the wrong moves it begins to struggle, and can eventually fail. A mediocre business plan (or lack thereof), inefficient management, slow-paying clients, or disconnected personnel can all be missing or out-of-place “pieces” that can be the difference between a company restructuring itself and rebounding, or falling apart and ultimately failing.

We help find the solutions to your organization’s problems. We help your organization avoid potential pitfalls and problems. As one of our clients stated, we will “…watch the balance sheet like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective“.

Our company was founded by CEO and Managing Consultant, Natasha L. Foreman, MBA who has spent two decades working to help improve the internal processes and structures of numerous companies, and assisting managers and other professionals find ways to manage their workload, stress, and other environmental factors.

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