Tired of Filling Out Countless Job Applications? There’s a Chrome Extension for That!

Ladders, a job search company, has rolled out a new Google Chrome extension, Apply4Me, that allows you to enter your basic information for job applications—once, one time, that’s all. You are then able to apply for jobs on numerous career sites with a single click. Apply4Me uses humans, not bots, to verify the information that you provide, and they input the data on the appropriate online forms provided by Ladders, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, and corporate application portals. Sometimes, applications may ask unique questions that will require you as the applicant to complete, or you can choose to have a Ladders representative add a note asking for a follow-up question for the topics. You then receive a confirmation email when your applications are submitted. It is said that this extension will allow applicants to save roughly nine hours per month. That’s nine hours freed up to do other things.

These features, and more, are available with a subscription. Learn more at Ladders website: https://www.theladders.com/apply4me

Copyright 2021. Foreman & Associates, LLC.

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