When Should You Move From Spreadsheet to Software?

Many small business owners begin tracking customers, inventory, employees, vendors, and more using spreadsheets like Excel and more recently, Google Sheets.

The problem with spreadsheets is that the larger you grow as a company the harder it is to track updates and changes in the spreadsheet, and the input and editing processes become more time consuming and labor intensive. Then it only gets worse when you have multiple team members inputting and editing the spreadsheet, yes, even in Google Sheets—why? Because you increase your odds of overlap and duplication of information, amongst other potential issues that can arise.


As this article from IntelView points out, there comes a time when a business needs to transition from spreadsheets to software, and some would even argue that you should just start off with software now and save yourself the headache later. The article highlights the top three reasons why your company may need to make the switch sooner than later:

  1. You’re losing money from not being able to track and follow up with past and prospective customers
  2. Information within your spreadsheets become overwhelming and hard to track
  3. Someone from your team (usually a new team member) requests a change to software (most likely because they used it at another company and know the benefits).

To get assistance with assessing your company’s need (and timing) to transition to software, or better yet, to move forward with making that switch, consider contacting Foreman & Associates so that our team can help you select, implement, and measure the success of a CRM solution that is best for your company.

To read the entire article presented on the INC website please visit here.

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