An App That Puts High-Tech Power Into the Hands of Low-Tech Business Professionals

Tech Treats, LLC empowers business owners with no technological skills to engage effectively with their audience in a high-tech environment. Through creating videos and mobile-friendly websites and helping business owners to create Facebook Messenger chatbots (within a few hours with no coding required) and mobile apps, Tech Treats ensures that small- to medium-sized businesses keep and maintain a competitive edge. With Tech Treats, each user is assigned a personal project manager and has unlimited access to an extensive user-friendly video tutorial library that could transform those unfamiliar with technology into a seeming tech guru overnight.

Tech Treats mobile app platform, Apps I Like, which was featured on NewsWatch TV earlier this year, is a simple-to-use app creation platform that helps businesses create an app in less than an hour and without the need for a deep knowledge of coding. Tech Treats also creates professional videos to boost brand awareness, explain products and services or advertise and market a business. Animated, whiteboard and motion graphics video creation is available.

For more information and to learn how Tech Treats assists small- to medium-sized business with their technology needs, visit


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