The Biggest Mistake Managers Make

The biggest mistake that managers make is believing that their primary focus is on managing and “getting in line” their team members (generally called “subordinates”).

As a manager your primary focus should be on managing one’s self. If you can’t manage your behavior, biases, beliefs, and time, then how in the world do you think you can manage one, ten, twenty, fifty, or more than 100 other people?

Great managers lead by example.

A company’s culture and environment is shaped by senior management, and it funnels down and throughout the company. Toxicity (just like a healthy work environment) starts from the top.

If you’re stressed out you will most likely take it out on others, and the vast majority of the time it won’t be a leader who you report to, but rather someone who reports to you. Your behavior is your responsibility and if you can’t manage it properly then what kind of leader are you?

At the beginning and end of each day, the buck stops with you. You are the captain and if the ship goes down, you’re responsible for staying behind with the vessel. not abandoning it with your crew still aboard.

If you’re always late don’t expect your team to be on time or early.

If you’re rude to other team members or to clients, don’t be surprised to see your team behave the same way.

If you produce substandard work then don’t place higher standards on your team.

If mediocrity is acceptable to you then it will also be accepted by your team.

Managers must bear the responsibility of first and always focusing on self-management, and through your mastery you can then be the best managers for your team.

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