What’s Missing From Your Business?

You work five to six days a week and your cell phone and email have become an extension of you. Your weekends seem shorter and you’re secretly envious of your social media friends and their vacation and staycation posts, workplace fun pics, and other exciting news that they regularly share. You’re focused on the daily “grind” of helping your company fulfill its mission and vision, but something is off. Answer the questions below, honestly:

  • Is there anything that seems particularly difficult right now in your business or daily work grind?
  • When you look around the office or listen in on conference calls, do you see the look of passion, zest, and excitement on the faces (and in the voices) of your team members?
  • Are managers stressed out or energized?
  • Is employee turnover low, high, or at a decent level?
  • Do you and your team members come to work early and leave late, or do you show up late and leave early (or mentally “check out” early)?
  • Do team members hang out and associate outside of the office?
  • How often does your team spend quality time with the senior leaders of your company learning about their passions and their desire for the team to reach organizational goals and milestones?
  • Do senior and mid-level leaders within your company ever “walk the floor” connecting with team members (including frontline) to see how they are doing professionally and personally?
  • Does your company have a focus on helping employees reach career goals?
  • When employees are terminated is the process ruthless and cutthroat? Does the process resemble a trip to HR followed by the infamous “your desk has already been boxed up and security will escort you to your vehicle”? Or is there a level of care and concern for the employee and the impact that their departure will have on the rest of the team?

If most of your responses were less than flattering (or downright negative), does it feel as though something is missing from your company, like the “magic sauce”? What do you think is missing?

If most or all of your responses were flattering and very positive, what’s the “magic sauce” that your company and its people possess? Why do you think others companies don’t know about or use this “magic sauce”?

This week we will be discussing this in greater detail and would love to engage in a dialogue with you. Please share your insight and thoughts with us in the comments section below this post or share them in the section below. Thank you!

Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. Foreman & Associates, LLC.

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