The Importance of Team Work

Have you ever heard the saying, “teamwork makes the dream work“? 

Yes, it’s a catchy phrase and an accurate one. 

Imagine companies attempting to get massive loads of work done with people working independently of each other, no collaborative effort on anyone’s part, and no solidarity when times got tough. Not much would get accomplished. 

People can think that they can “Do this by myself” but the truth is, a team makes the impossible possible, the unimaginable a reality, and a mounting workload that much smaller. 

Teams allow you to look at a scenario through different lenses, conquer an issue from different angles and at a faster pace, and come up with more potential solutions to a problem than one person alone. 

Yes, one person can assemble a car on their own, but Henry Ford was bold enough to say something to the effect 0f, “Let’s try an assembly line and see just how many cars we can assemble with several men all contributing to the task”. By golly, Ford cranked out more cars in one day than they were doing in weeks. 

Proof that team work does make the dream work. 

So pick your business teams wisely, like you would a championship game or an operating team, consider if it were a life and death situation—would you be casual and nonchalant about something as serious as that? Well depending on the magnitude of the situation, your business team could be the difference between your project or your company living or dying. 

You can curate a superstar team or a group of floppers. Your team should be assembled based on each person’s strengths and how those individual strengths connect with the project or plan that you are working on. Each team member should complement the others, so that synergy is developed. When your team is strong and solid they become interconnected. They become a unit. A healthy team realizes that they are only as strong as their weakest link, so they work together to strengthen their weak points and close up any gaps. 

If you’re wondering how you can identify the right people to work on specific teams, contact Foreman & Associates, and we can give you some tips and pointers on team building and development. 

Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved. Foreman & Associates, LLC. 

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