Considering The Negative Comments Google Employees Share About Their Employer, Look Closely at Yours

Jim Edwards and Sam Colt of Business Insider wrote a piece about former and current Google employees who have posted negative comments on Quora about Google.

As you review these complaints, look closely at your company— the company you founded or the company where you’re employed. Do some of these negative descriptions sound like your company? Do employees feel this same way, or worse? How important is the corporate culture within your company? How valued are the employees? Is your company’s image better or worse than what is projected and portrayed to the public?

Here are some of the complaints from Google employees (past and present) as shared by Edwards and Colt:

Middle management is mediocre.

It’s a big company and things move slower than at a small startup.

The company only cares about measurable improvements.

You won’t get time off.

It’s hard to be honest with your colleagues.

 “Objective discussions are pretty rare, since everybody’s territorial, and not interested in opinions of other people unless those people are Important Gods.”

There are managers who have been over-promoted.

“People are promoted into management positions — not because they actually know how to lead/manage, but because they happen to be smart or because there is no other path to grow into,” said a former technical program manager. “So there is a layer of intelligent individuals who are horrible managers and leaders.”


At the end of the day, employees want the same thing from their employer—and it’s beyond the paycheck—do you know what that is?

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