Gmail Apps Have 92% Success Rate of Being Hacked Researchers Claim

What do you think about this headline? How do you feel when you consider the claim that all or most of your mobile apps are not only hackable but that once hacked, all or most of your sensitive and confidential information is at the finger tips of the hacker(s)?

hacker imageYou may be saying, “I don’t have any Gmail apps” so consider your other apps. Consider your bank’s app, the apps you use through your insurance company, investment company, or the one you use to store all of your passwords. 

Now let’s really get deep, shall we? 

Consider the wallpaper app you downloaded, or that app that you don’t remember where or how you got it. What about the app your child added to your phone awhile ago? According to researchers, hackers can access your most valuable apps through your insignificant ones. Now how do you feel? Do you feel safe and secure?

CNBC’s Evelyn Cheng wrote in her article, “In a paper being presented Friday at the Usenix cybersecurity conference, the engineers said they also could steal check images from a Chase app with an 83 percent success rate and hack personal information such as address and Social Security numbers from H&R Block (success rate 92 percent), Newegg (86 percent), WebMD (85 percent), (83 percent) and Amazon (48 percent) apps….Demo videos show how a hacker could use another phone to monitor the activity on the sensitive apps and grab personal information when entered by the victim.” 

Are you looking dumbfounded yet?

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Foreman & Associates. New Domain. New Email. Still Committed to Serving You!

Effective immediately you will be able to access our website by simply typing FOREMANLLC.COM 

All of our emails also use the same domain name. This change came after several months of considering the ease of access by prospective clients. We want people to reach us quickly and without second-guessing if they spelled our name correctly. In the past we have had people forget to type the “and” or they left off the “s” at the end of “associates”. Now it’s 10 simple letters, followed by “.com”

Yes, dot com. We also realized that although we were on the high tech curve of using the snazzy “.co” the vast majority of our web visitors had never heard of or seen the “.co” and being pre-conditioned, consistently typed “.com”. So by making this change we now have made it easier to remember us and reach us, and we don’t have to worry about confusing our prospective clients. 

People can still reach us through our old domain,,  but we believe that in time everyone will prefer the new one. It’s just easier to type and remember. 

Try it yourself. Visit today!



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