SpringPad Shutting Things Down June 25th: Users Devastated

So as emails rolled in notifying users that the SpringPad app was shutting down June 25th, the natural inclination is to question its closing. After clicking on the provided link you can read that SpringPad is shutting down (with many employees going over to Google) due to lack of funding, or as they put it:

Unfortunately, we were not able to secure additional funding or scale to become a self-sustaining business.

The crazy thing is, as users commented on the SpringPad site, had SpringPad created a Premium account like Evernote, they could have charged interested users a monthly (or optional annual) fee for upgraded services, and this could have possibly provided the funding and scale that they needed to be a self-sustaining business.

The Premium account holders would make up the gap of the free accounts, create a buzz, and pique interest in potential investors who would see the added value of SpringPad as a revenue generator. The desire to get more and gain a seeming ‘advantage’ over free accounts, always motivates vast numbers of people to sign up for premium—especially business professionals, organizations, etc. The opportunity was there, but for some off reason, the SpringPad team chose not to seize it and run to the bank.

Who is responsible for the strategic and tactical rollouts at SpringPad? Who are the conscious capitalists within that consider all of the possible ways to make money, pay the bills, and make users happy and wanting more?

Where were the business management professionals who eat, live, and sleep business development, strategy, and financial reports?

It’s sad to consider that SpringPad may have been predominantly tech-focused with a sprinkle of operations-sensitive and revenue-conscious nestled somewhere in the body of the company.

This is another example of how brilliant ideas can come crashing down because there isn’t a balance between vision and implementation, right brain and left brain, etc.

No where in SpringPad’s announcement was there mention of a buyout from let’s say, uh, Google, who desperately needs to either drastically improve their Google Keep (which others have said is a disaster) or totally scrap Keep and pour all of their collective efforts into SpringPad to make it the supreme app in its category.

Not to start rumors, but when you would rather hire on your soon-to-be closed competitor’s employees, instead of investing in a M&A, doesn’t that smell of a “let’s watch them crumble then we can use their resources (former employees) to be the next them–no, scratch that, to be better, because we’re a bigger company so we’re already better” kind of mindset? Not saying that’s the case…

Too bad that there couldn’t be a last ditch effort by a competitor or other investor to save SpringPad. Users ranked it number one overall, over Evernote and most definitely over Google Keep. Diehard Evernote users may have a different rating, but that’s a moot point, the thing is, SpringPad is a gold mine and it’s about to shut down and the entry points to those sparkly gems will be blasted shut.

No access. No possible utilization. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Well we will just wait and see. The clock is ticking and the days are slipping away. Will June 25th be the true gong date for SpringPad? Will this hot app fizzle out and die, along with the vision and dreams of all of those people who worked endless days and nights to make it a reality?

We will see.


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