Leadership Quotes of the Day for 4.24.14

"A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men."                                 - Thomas Carlyle "Your so-called 'subordinate' should be valued and treated as you would your partner and friend. They are not beneath you, for without them … Continue reading Leadership Quotes of the Day for 4.24.14

We’re Looking for Interns

We are currently looking for interns for three areas: Social Media, Admin, and Web Development. All three internships have flexible end dates, may continue into 2015, and there is a possibility to transition into a paid employment position (either part-time or full-time). Social Media & Community Management Intern We have two positions available with an April … Continue reading We’re Looking for Interns

Building a Healthy Organization

  It does not matter if you are a startup or well-established organization, the ability to build a healthy culture and environment is possible. It does not matter if the leaders within your organization are perceived (or actual) tyrants, you can change the culture and leadership model that guides every employee, including the tyrant. Yes, … Continue reading Building a Healthy Organization

Leadership Quotes of the Day 4.10.14

"Reputation is made in a moment. Character is built in a lifetime."- James Leggett   "Right methods without right motives are shallow at best and evil at worst. In the end, the great leader is not the person who can simply get the job done. It is the person who knows how to link motives … Continue reading Leadership Quotes of the Day 4.10.14

Leadership Quote of the Day

"Anyone who influences others is a leader." --Chuck Swindoll