Has Your iPhone Been Hacked?


Has your iPhone been hacked? Do you know what to do if it has? Did you know that most hacker software is virtually undetectable? Did you know that public phone charging stations are breeding grounds for hackers? Have you used a stranger’s charger? Have you noticed a change in your iPhone’s battery life? Have you noticed a buzzing sound coming from your phone in between calls? Does your iPhone feel warmer than usual?

Read this article for further details.





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Top 50 Most Diverse U.S. Companies for 2014

Check out the list of top 50 multicultural business opportunities in the U.S.

Some you may have guessed, others you might not have suspected, and then there are probably a few that you thought would be in the top 50 but are not. Details on who’s on the list, how they made the list, and who voted, is shared here.


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