Some Love iOS 7 While Others Want to Wish it Away

We’re receiving conflicting reviews about Apple’s iOS 7. Those who love it say that the iPhone has now been reborn, while those who are having temper tantrums with the latest technology reference the new screen icons as being “flat”, that there are too many unnecessary movements, it’s less intuitive, the battery drains even faster (and the battery notification is flawed), no “home” button swipe, and the keyboard layout is not desirable. There was also a complaint about the charger issues, because people couldn’t use other types of chargers, mostly the cheaper ones (well, that’s like putting 87 grade gasoline in a brand new luxury vehicle that is only supposed to use 93 Premium grade gasoline—it just doesn’t make much sense). 

Pro-iOS 7 users stand tall and proud when they say the iOS 7 is anything but “flat” looking, with more vibrant colors, its cleaner and sleeker look, it has major “pop” factor. They admit that the icons don’t have the 3D look of previous versions, but the new icons have an appeal that makes the change worthwhile. The lock screen also gets kudos (no more accidental taps on the emergency button). Apple has offered even more wallpaper features (7 of which are tailored for the new iPhone 5C), zooming apps, and better photo organization options. The Apple Weather App has been spruced up allowing you to also see an hourly forecast. Apple has improved folder options, allowing users to place an unlimited number of apps within folders, helping to significantly reduce home screen clutter. Then there’s the lightning fast email, new ring tones, and a new and improved Calendar app. Oh and did we mention the subtle animations that randomly float across your screen? Very artsy!

So what are your thoughts about the new iOS 7? Do you like it or not? Is it easier to navigate or does it make you want to toss it over a bridge? If you are new to the Apple world, do you feel more empowered or more intimidated by iOS 7? If you are a long-time Apple user, are you loving the improvements or do you wish they would stop and let you enjoy what you have?

If you are interested in downloading the newest version please read this article on what to do first before taking that step:

Below please find links to some of the reviews (pro and con) concerning the iOS 7.


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