Teaching Children to Become Entrepreneurs NOW

By Natasha L. Foreman

As an entrepreneur I find the TEDTalks session with Cameron Herold right on point and aligned with the vision of those parents who encourage and expose their children to business ownership early in their lives, like my father exposed and encouraged me.

Herold’s points also reinforce what Operation HOPE is actively doing and pursuing through their America 2020 campaign to knock out the high school drop out rate, and engage youth in grades 4-12 to embrace their strengths, skills, and talents and monetize their ideas into business startups. Through HOPE Business In A Box “Powered by the Gallup-HOPE Index“, I believe that Operation HOPE and the community will successfully achieve their mission.

Check out Cameron’s video and Operation HOPE, and be sure to share this with other people who care about our youth, our country, and the pursuit of dreams both small and large.

Watch Cameron Herold’s Video Here

Thanks Cameron Herold for that awesome message, and thank you Operation HOPE for putting into place a mechanism that will encourage and develop other youth to pursue their dreams and ideas as passionately and purposely as I and other entrepreneurs have done so over the years.


Natasha L. Foreman is the CEO of Foreman & Associates, LLC. 


Copyright 2012. Foreman & Associates, LLC, and Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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