Survey of Organizations’ Most Pressing HR Challenge in 2012

According to a study conducted by Right Management with more than 600 organizations, survey respondents were asked to list what they expect to be their organization’s most pressing HR challenge this year. Findings show:

Lack of high-potential leaders in the organization: 31%

Low engagement and lagging productivity: 26%

Shortage of talent on all levels: 23%

Defection of top talent to other organizations: 19%

So after looking at these findings, what would you as the manager or top-level executive do to counter these challenges? How do you keep your employees engaged, or re-engage them? How do you check the pulse of your organization’s cultures and subcultures? How do you realign leaders, mold managers into effective leaders, and employees into future leaders? Where did you find your past and current talent, and where do you look for future  talent? How do you re-energize your current talent and show them how to leverage their strengths? What do you do or will you do to keep top talent so that they don’t defect to other organizations?

As the employee, what can and will you do to help make your organization’s environment more productive, engaging, and worthwhile? What can you do to be more productive and more of a team player? How can you build upon your talents?

Share your thoughts with us.

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