Black Enterprise’s Carolyn M. Brown’s Tip of the Month for Business Startups

In the April 2012 issue of Black Enterprise magazine, Carolyn M. Brown published a Tip of the Month for startups.

Ms. Brown wrote that if startups are looking for potential seed money, reduction of risk, reduced rent, shared office equipment and services, and/or professional services, then consider taking part in a business incubator. Of the 7,000 business incubators worldwide, there are 1,400 in North America. They provide management support services and capital resources by housing several businesses under one roof (or campus setting) and provide the amenities previously mentioned. The potential seed money can come through angel investors, micro-loan programs, and economic development funds or grants.

To find a business incubator in your area, Ms. Brown recommends visiting the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) at

I have also located a few source listings for specific cities/states that I have shared below, but I strongly encourage you to go through NBIA, as they will have the most accurate and updated list of credible incubators:

Metro Atlanta, GEORGIA

Local Small Business Resource Partners

Grow Co (Metro Atlanta listing of incubators)

Los Angeles/Orange County, CALIFORNIA

SoCal Tech (business incubators, some with focus on tech businesses)

Southern California Edison listings (incubators located within SCE’s territory)

Buzz Gate (covering state of California)

New York, NEW YORK

Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc.

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