Our Outlook for 2012

Happy New Year!

Last year was pretty intense at Foreman & Associates. It felt much like that transition from middle school to high school, with so many unknowns, and at times very overwhelming. But just like those days many many many years ago, once we got our footing right and started to feel the rhythm of the day-to-day, the year got better. Ending 2011 was refreshing in the sense that the outlook for 2012 is awesome. There is so much that is being planned for 2012 for Foreman & Associates and I’m excited at what is going on behind the scenes. The mission for our company is to be:

A leading business consulting firm that educates and empowers both individuals and organizations globally by providing the highest quality of service with a focus on results through change, building relationships through care, and achieving excellence through efficiency, effectiveness, and efficacy. 

Today I sat down and really thought about what this new year means to me and what it means for my company, and how it is connected to the mission of Foreman & Associates, and it came to me quickly, it’s about dreaming big and taking on life with the passion of a fearless child. This will serve as the fuel for our company this year. My Thought of the Day  for today, which is posted on my personal blogs speaks to dreaming big and what that means to us individually and collectively, and how so many of us have lost this precious gift due to fear. Please read that post so you can see for yourself why I am so charged and ready to go this year, and why I’m excited about what is yet to come for Foreman & Associates.

We have some pretty big goals (we’ll share in future posts) that could leave us quaking in our boots, but instead there is an intense surge of energy flowing through us that fuels are vision for 2012 and beyond. Our overall goals are simple and help to keep our fear in check while we tackle what’s ahead. Those two goals are:

1) to educate and assist businesses in need of start-up, management, development, support, and training assistance.  

We are passionate about assessing and addressing organizational management needs to help businesses grow, prosper, and succeed.We strive to help reduce the failure rate of start-up businesses through our work and by partnering with other organizations nationwide and globally to offer training workshops/seminars and other services in a collaborative effort to help guide and mentor entrepreneurs to success.

2) to educate professionals and organizations to think beyond merely starting a company or building a brand, but to instead focus on creating longevity and nurturing a long-lasting legacy.

These two goals require us to expand our thinking and to grow our family, so this year we will be looking for talented staff and consultants to help build our firm to where it needs to be for 2012. We will be pooling our resources and leveraging our strengths, so that we can focus on what we’re great at and not at what we’re lacking. We will also continue fostering healthy relationships with current and prospective clients, as well as other firms and organizations who share our passion for business, entrepreneurship, and the people we serve. So expect to see some great things, grand improvements and amazing news from Foreman & Associates, because we’re in this for the long-run, we’re in this to win it, and we hope that through our alliances, partnerships, and relationships we can run to the top.

May your year be filled with hope, promise, and prosperity. May last year’s setbacks catapult you into this year’s successes!

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Warmest wishes,
                                                                                                                  Natasha L. Foreman, MBA
                                                                                                                  CEO and Managing Consultant

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