Steve Jobs’s Ultimate Lesson for Companies – Horace Dediu – Harvard Business Review



By Natasha L. Foreman, MBA

After reading a Harvard Business Review article by Horace Dediu about Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc. I stopped for a moment to reflect and ponder some of the things both Jobs (as quoted) and Dediu had said. I reflected on the impact of Apple, Inc. throughout our country, the world, and personally in my life.

Has Steve Job’s positioned himself to leave behind a legacy for all other companies to marvel and attempt to replicate? Think of a legacy in both product development as well as company development. Could it be true that his greatest creation is Apple the system and not just Apple the product(s)?

Do you agree with Job’s that, “Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that makes our hearts sing“?

I do. That’s why although I’m a tech junky (and yes, I have an iPod, iPhone4, iPad, and the iPad2, and much more) and have an MBA, my Bachelor’s degree is in the field of Liberal Arts, my specialization in my MBA is marketing (dealing with people and the emotion of buying and selling), and my thinking is that the area of humanities helps one to study and learn the human condition so that we can connect on multiple deeper levels.

I agree that you need all of these components to run a successfully innovative and worldly-conscious company. Heck, I think that you should have a firm grasp on all of these components just for your personal achievements in life.

I have no intention on personally or through Foreman & Associates, LLC to replicating Apple’s products, but rather their creative process and ability to intertwine multiple core competencies, focusing on strengths and not weaknesses, and exploding through walls of fear and doubt (mostly from naysayers) with innovative ideas that rock the boat and further builds are company as a leader and not merely another follower in the field of business consulting.

Read what Horace Dediu had to say about Steve Jobs, Apple, and the ultimate lesson being taught to other companies:

Steve Jobs’s Ultimate Lesson for Companies – Horace Dediu – Harvard Business Review.


Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. Foreman & Associates, LLC.

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