Starting, Building, or Restructuring a Business? Your Organization Can Benefit Just By Starting Here

You have been hearing for some time that our great nation was built and has been sustained through the efforts of small business and the services that we provide. You have an interest and passion that you want to consider developing into a business concept, but you don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to get started. You have searched on the Internet and discovered numerous resources both in the public and private sector offering you tools, tips, and templates to get your business started.

After awhile it becomes overwhelming because there are too many options, too many people and organizations claiming to know the “right way” to starting and building a business. Then you discovered Foreman & Associates, LLC, either directly through a search engine or through the promotional efforts of our guiding force, Natasha L. Foreman- and you decided to give us a whirl and see what we’re talking about.

What we know is this…anyone can start a business, but not everyone can build their business to successfully withstand and thrive no matter how the economy is doing, no matter what your competition does, and no matter what skeptics and “experts” say. Just because some of us are MBA’s and PhD’s this also does not mean that we are guaranteed a financially successful business. Just because someone was successful launching and operating a product-based company does not mean they can achieve the same results or better with a service-based company. There is no cookie-cutter solution.

What all of us can do is follow some basic foundational steps, make the right moves, and connect with the right people and then invest the time, money and other resources necessary to not merely survive but thrive in business. It’s about finding what works best for you; running through, over, under, and around obstacles; and always being open to opportunities and new ways of doing things when the old ones no longer work effectively.

Foreman & Associates offers our clients an educational experience where we not only consult with you about your company’s needs, and help you solve organizational issues, but we teach you various ways to handle and address concerns surrounding leadership, management, organizational strategy, personnel needs, training, and more.

Entrepreneurship should not be limited in definition as the confined state or stage of owning a business and being self-employed, it is the encompassed processes and mechanisms of outward growth that comes from building an enterprise that seemingly takes on a life of its own. It is the mission and vision realized and exercised consistently; it is the positive molding and restructuring that separates an entity from all others. It is the mindset of never being satisfied with the status quo, with mediocrity, with average, with arriving late and leaving early, with excuses, or objections to ideas with no alternative solutions. It is the mindset of never ever giving up.

Success should be measured by results not reports. Success should be measured by the people who make up your organization, not just your bottom line. Success should be measured by how well your organization ‘breathes’, bends, molds, morphs, and bounces back during times of turmoil, setbacks, resets, and failures.

Foreman & Associates helps take you from the boxed-in view of self-employment to a place where your company can operate whether you are there or not; is that not the ultimate dream and goal of those individuals who first envision what life would be like as an entrepreneur?  Consider the possibilities and then contact us:

Foreman & Associates, LLC

(770) 734-3485


Copyright 2011. Foreman & Associates, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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